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Computer Vision Syndrome Often Ignored

As computers become more and more a part of our lives, computer-related ailments like computer vision syndrome become all too common. Overuse of anything often causes problems, and many people rely on computers eight to ten to twelve hours a day. After putting in a whole day’s work at the office, coming home only to stare at the computer while you complete unfinished work can cause serious strain on the eyes. However, because the problem is so common, it often goes undiagnosed and ignored, which can only make it worsen over time. However, as with all things, knowing the causes is the first step to prevention and treatment.

Computer Vision Syndrome Due to Overseas

Computer vision syndrome is not a severe medical problem like cancer that is debilitating and completely overwhelming. However, it does have serious effects and can cause pain and tension. Approximately 100 million people are suffering from computer vision syndrome, and some of these are children. Symptoms of the syndrome are headache, loss of focus, burning and tired eyes, double or blurred vision, and neck and shoulder pain. The reason for the syndrome is primarily that our eyes are not designed to deal with the strain of reading text on a computer screen. Our eyes can handle, and are used to, reading print text, and glasses designed for nearsightedness are made for print text, as well.

The problem is that computer text has a different contrast than print text and less well-defined edges, both of which make the words more difficult to read. To compensate for this difficulty and treat computer vision syndrome, special computer glasses have been developed that compensate for this difference and place less strain on the eyes. Although these glasses are especially important for computer users who already wear glasses, it is estimated that 70-75% of computer users need these glasses. If glasses are not an option but you still want to help the problem, it is recommended that you limit the time you spend using the computer at one sitting and ensure that your computer workstation is well-designed to place the least amount of strain on your body.

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