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Computer Humor: Pranks for All

Computer pranks are just a new twist on an old game. For years and years, people have gotten tremendous enjoyment from playing gags on friends in whatever way possible. As technology has developed and become an even bigger part of our lives, it is obvious that practical jokes, gags, and pranks would extend into the domain of the computer. Computer gags are especially useful for those people you know who seem to use a computer non-stop. What better way to inject a little humor and relaxation into the life of a friend or family member than to send them a computer prank online? However, one thing to be aware of is that sometimes computer savvy people take pranks a little too far and turn them into malicious “jokes” that really are not jokes at all but instead cause serious problems and sometimes loss of property or data.

Options for Computer Pranks

So, now that you have heard of computer pranks and thought a little about some of the possibilities, you are probably wondering how you can put all your conniving ideas into action. There are many options available for computer pranks. Because so much information is available through the web, it is easy to send links to people so that they can download funny pranks for a laugh or two. You can also alert friends to media humor accessible over the internet with fun graphics and animation. Games and other online activities are another dimension of computer pranks, and there are always jokes about computers that your computer-dominated friend will enjoy.

However, the prank options do not stop there. You can easily find prank stories for all walks of life, funny images that are sure to bring out a laugh, software designed for the joke-lover, and humorous postcards. Whatever you like or think a friend would enjoy, you can easily find it on the web. Take a look around, browse some sites, and something funny is sure to fall in your lap.

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